Frequently asked questions

Is it really a hearse/ funeral car

Yes! all of our cars are 100% ex funeral cars generally direct from funeral directers !
we've just added our own little syle to them for yu guys ;)

Can we/i drive the car(s)

Currently we do not have the option to lease/rent or lend our vehicles for self drive hire , but we will be working on a few vehilces for your spooky weekends away !

Can we photograph and record in the cars?

Ofcourse! Feel Free to take as many pictures and videos as you like, we even have internal and external recording for of your jouney for you to purchase!

Why should we choose you over a regular limousine?

Theses care are designed to make a statment , to be fun ,bodatious and help everyone involved have a fun and memorable day, arriving in a hearse limousine will be something everyone remembers for years to come !

Can we pay in installments ?

Of course you can , contact us directly and we can make arrangments for you!

How much notice do you need for a booking?

if youve got a wedding car emergency , call us imediatly and we will do our best to be there for you ! otherwise anything a close as a weeks notice shouldnt be a problem demending on the tiem of year

Can we book your hearse as a surprise ?

Ofcourse , Drop us a message and we can arrange all the details for the best surprise wedding car !

How far in advance do i need to book ?

ideally no closer then two weeks to the wedding date , BUT we always strive to meet the needs of our customers , so please call us and we'll do our best to meet to get you booked !

How many seats does the car have ?

we can seat up to 5 people in the vehicle